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PinoyMobster-Inc Media!

Posted: June 20, 2008 in Icons and Medias
A media of the PinoyMobster-Inc family!PinoyMobster-Inc Family Media

-This is a Family media, from a game called The Mafia Boss. If you wanna try it here’s the link:

*There will be more soon*
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Celtics Crowned Champs!

Posted: June 20, 2008 in Sports
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With a strong season in their hands, and a great challenge of the teams they’ve played, the Boston Celtics didn’t look back and face the challenges. In the NBA Finals they faced their biggest challenge, the Los Angeles Lakers. The Finals series were full of tension and burning passion, both teams did their best and showed who’s the man, But in the end, one team stood still. The Buzzer rang and the Boston Celtics were crowned CHAMPS for the 2008 NBA Playoffs in game 6. The series ended 4-2 in the energetic place of Boston Garden!

Paul Pierce was the man who led Boston for the “V” and now he’s sacrifice paid off as he was awarded as NBA Finals MVP.

KG, Allen and the gang will have an all out bash party celebrating the biggest night of their career!

Meanwhile, Kobe and the Lakers will not go home as losers. What they did this season was fantastic, they turned a “Mess” Team to a “W” Team. Great job for the Lakers. But just like the saying “There is always a Winner and a Loser” sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t. Kobe and the rest of the squad will pack up their bags, wear their sneakers and Go home to LA proud for achieving this far!

The 2008 season was full of excitement and surprises, but now it’s time to say goodbye for 2008, and say “Hello” to 2009 NBA Season!

Congratulations to Boston Celtics, 2008 NBA Champs!


Hello world!

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Hello Viewers!

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