Naruto Pics!

Posted: June 21, 2008 in Anime, Naruto Anime

The 6th Hokage

Naruto Anbu!

Mangekyou Sharingan!

  1. Gorex_theman says:

    Can i joined again the group again i lossed contact in your site please i joy say and deniro

  2. banguis says:

    ANd guys..

    please do take time to post for comments..:P

    Thx for Viewing..:P

    This Post has over 4,000 Views now.. Thank You Very Much guys!

  3. banguis says:

    As soon as I won’t be busy these up coming weeks.

    I will start posting new categories and pictures. 🙂

  4. fredfredburger says:

    banana bread

  5. Jake says:

    Nice pictures. I love Naruto im still watching the start of the show im only a little bit past the preliminary’s but its okay. =-)

  6. Sakura Haruno says:

    Nice pictures…Naruto looks like Yondaime

  7. minh phan says:

    hey, thanks for letting me see your pictures. It’s look really good, where did you find that’s picture that show naruto and sakura.

  8. longer123 says:

    Good morning all
    Guide for today====123===
    Sure mo==1== 14,15,(16),(17)
    Sure mo==2== (24),25,26,27
    Sure mo===3=(34),35,36,37
    Okey marked pairing is my best bet for the whole day affair
    Congrats sa nakaabay ini ha? (( 604))

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