Pacquiao Strikes Again for 4th Title

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Boxing, Sports

Armed with rapid combination of punches and a speed as fast as a bullet, the Filipino pride Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao delivered raging hooks and jabs to finally grab his 4th Title in different weight divisions via knockout victory versus the reigning WBC lightweight champ David Diaz, last June 29, 2008 in the crowded place of Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, USA.

The 1st round started with Pacquiao aggresively throwing punches to Diaz. Both fighters we’re estimating the strength of their rivals. Diaz tried to defend Pacquiao’s burning jabs and hooks but nearly all of “Pacman’s” punches we’re landed to his face. The round ended with Diaz stunned by the power of the Filipino boxer.

2nd round to 3rd round, Diaz nose gave up and started to bleed. Pacquiao continued his onslaught while Diaz stood still and defend every punch Pacquiao throws. 4th round to 8th round, the Mexican-American boxer David Diaz showed that he can survive the punishment given to him by the #1 Pound for Pound Boxer Pacquiao.

9th round was the last round Diaz can stand the punches of the Mexicutioner. Manny Pacquiao, released barrage of punches that Diaz cannot evade. Manny snapped Diaz’s head by a strong jab, and delivered a 1-2 combination punch that sent the Mexican-American down to the canvas.

At the 2:24 mark of the round, referee Vic Drakulich waved the fight off and the Filipinos celebrate as Manny Pacquiao is the new WBC Lightweight champ, and the 1st asian to gain 4 titles in different weight divisions.

“I was saying to myself that his punches doesn’t hurt much, but in just how many seconds I was lying on the canvas, what the heck” said David Diaz who is referring to the Mexicutioner Manny Pacquiao.


  1. Tyrone says:

    Manny was just too fast for Diaz.

  2. banguis says:


    Diaz needs more training..

  3. joflax says:

    pagtarong mo diha kay kalisuron na me kaajo.. majo pag maglugi mo.. kakwarta pa mo… hatagan mo nahu numero oh… 584.467.690…kana tay e kay sureball… honest… congrats daan sa mutaya… ang sa d wa moy talay…

  4. oe!

    blog blog. . .

    Humhhh!! well,m chuy xa


  5. Pitot says:



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